How we started

Asylum Clothing was started with a passion for creating something unique. We've all seen the same clothing brands producing the same product over and over. They suck. We're tired of it. Asylum Clothing offers our customers something different. Quality clothing with the unique designs you LOVE. Founded in 2019 we plan to shake up the market on affordable apparel for the things you desire most. 

What makes us different

Our goal is to put the "fun" in (dys)functional fashion. We know that finding a style that fits YOUR personality can make your whole day better; that's why we're committed to being your source for the most unique trends. We design clothing you love so you can focus on looking great! Stand out from the crowd with designs that fit YOU. Gamer? We have you covered. Cat lover? We have you covered. Funny designs? We have you covered. Doesn't matter what it is, Asylum Clothing probably has it. If we don't? Email us and yell at us, we'll fix it. It's that simple.

Why Shop Asylum Clothing

Aside from making a statement with the clothing you wear, Asylum Clothing believes in contributing to a bigger impact overall. Our goal aside from providing you brands that speak to your soul is to bring awareness and give back to those who deserve it most. While Asylum Clothing is not a charity service we believe it's important to fight for the causes that other people won't. Certain sales on our merchandise will result in charitable donations to make a positive change for the causes that matter most.